Here at Robert Tate Photography, Robert has provided a means of helping couples plan their big day through his regular blog posts. The main aim of this blog is to help guide those who are bewildered by the prospect of tying the knot, or even just providing the reassurance that you’re on the right track. Join us every week for more helpful hints and tips. Keep on reading for in insight into the world of planning your honeymoon. From all of us here, live for the moment!

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And take a deep breath……HOLD………. and EXHALE!

If you’ve made it this far you have either already done the deed (and by deed I mean declared, by law your love for each other) or you are a masterful organiser. Assuming that you fall into one of these categories you can sit back, relax and let all your worries melt away. Gone are the days of trying to stretch budgets and strike a deal, you could even crack open a bottle of wine as you read this (please note I do not endorse the use of alcohol when reading my blog, except on this occasion).


It is a time away from the rest of the world to be shared only by you and your new spouse. You’ll want your honeymoon to be remembered for years to come. Therefore planning is a key factor in making these memories last, yes more planning I’m afraid. However It’s traditional for the groom to make the arrangements and pay for the honeymoon but luckily (or sadly as some of the lady’s may be thinking), most couples split the bill these days. Splitting the bill to what could be an expensive trip, amounting to the price of a small car not only takes the sting out but sets you in good stead for the future (Maybe I should twilight as a marriage counsellor). Although you’re splitting the bill you can still follow tradition and have your HUSBAND organise the trip of a life time, you an I both know that the blushing bride does 90% of the wedding planning.


You may have thought the toughest part of getting married was the apprehension you felt whilst stood at the alter wondering if your bride to be will turn up, well you were wrong. The most gruelling part for you is planning your honeymoon, its not your typical holiday to the Costa del Sol. You may have organised holidays in the past, Magaluf , Ibiza and other party destinations and you may have even met your wife in Ibiza. Your idea of an all inclusive hotel with free alcohol and sky tv (to watch the game) will not bode well with your wife, even if there is a beach within 5 minutes walk! Your honeymoon is meant to mean something to the both of you, and provide that time alone that you never seem to find during your working week.

So here are some steps to follow which can point you in the right direction.love_paris-300x199

  1. Discuss your honeymoon plans – Take the time to discuss with your spouse what the two of you would like and plan something that fits your budget and that you both can agree on. Compromise, because this is a trip about both of you.
  2. Decide how long you can take off work – A lot of your honeymoon planning will depend on how long you can both take off work.
  3. Choose the destination – one destination or multiple destinations? Are you committed enough to spend 12 or 14 hours getting to that exclusive destination?
  4. Know your budget – Airline fares play a significant role when planning your budget. If you are a frequent traveller, save your mileage and try to use your accumulated mile points.
  5. Remember, you get what you pay for – reconsider jumping on the first good “deal” that you see, as there might be a reason for the deep discount!
  6. Does the hotel offer anything special because its you’re honeymoon – These packages can include anywhere from a romantic dinner on a beach, complimentary massages, and breakfast in bed, to free anniversary stays.
  7. Time constraints – One of the most important rules of honeymoon planning is to try not to pack too much in, If your planning an action-packed itinerary, or a multi-stop honeymoon, try to build in time to relax.
  8. Is tomorrow too soon – When fixing the exact dates, try to give yourself at least one clear day between the wedding and the start of your honeymoon.
  9. The new Mr. & Mrs – Make sure that all travel reservations match your legal documents that you will have when you are travelling.
  10. Make new memories – A honeymoon is a time to celebrate your new life together, so consider learning something new together. Many destinations offer cultural lessons such as surfing, lei making, ukulele lessons, or even the art of massage or wine class or cooking classes

mexico-honeymoon-300x198Planning your Honeymoon is the number one job that you as a groom/husband are expected to sort out.  It is also the start of your married life, so start as you mean to continue and don’t fall at the first hurdle. If you’ve put the hard work in with hotels, visas and various other boring stuff, you may as well go the extra mile to make it extra special. You could consider hiring a photographer/videographer to capture some of your special honeymoon moments or organise an exclusive balloon ride at sunset. And remember: paradise is not a place, it’s who you are with.

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3 Comments on “YOUR HONEYMOON

  1. We’re planning on going on an extended vacation for our honeymoon. I’ve set it up so I can take a month away from work and then do what I can on the road. It’s going to be so amazing! We won’t be able to do very elaborate things like going to a spa every day, but we’ll manage. I think it’ll be nice wherever we go, just so long as I’m with my wife.

  2. Going on a honeymoon especially during the touristy season can get really annoying sometimes, especially when you have to rush around with the other tourists, and not be able to get any quiet time with your partner. So on your honeymoon, I would suggest you to take it is a slow and relaxed pace. On my honeymoon with my husband, we want to Rome and Florence. We did all the regular sight seeing but it was getting quite tiring after a while. So one of the days we just spend the day strolling by the parks in Rome, and had a bike tour with one of the locals in Rome. She then suggested us to try out dining with

    • Bonnie –My gf and I dicervsoed your blog together last night. We are just starting our spanking adventure and loved your blogs. We read them aloud to each other and giggled and gasped. Thank you!!A

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