Here at Robert Tate Photography, Robert has provided a means of helping couples plan their big day through his regular blog posts. The main aim of this blog is to help guide those who are bewildered by the prospect of tying the knot, or even just providing the reassurance that you’re on the right track. Join us every week for more helpful hints and tips. Keep on reading for in insight into the world of married life. From all of us here, live for the moment!


Just MarriedDear married couple. If you’re reading this, you’ve gotten hitched. And if you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further. You remember the day you got engaged, don’t you?
Borrowing inspiration from one of my all time favourite movies – The Shawshank Redemption.

And so your vows have been said, and the bell has tolled, now all that’s left to do before continuing with your married life is the really boring admin work. It may seem like a life time ago that you felt all flustered when your partner got down on one knee and proposed, but time flies when your busy with wedding planning. If you’re not chasing after the florist then you will be trying every diet known to man in order to fit in your dream wedding dress. From day one I guarantee that you will even dream about planning your wedding planning.

Do you remember the taste of strawberries? No, I can’t recall the taste of food… nor the sound of water… nor the touch of grass. I’m… naked in the dark, with nothing, no veil… between me… and the wedding from hell! I can see the venue manager… with my waking eyes!
That’s the last one, I promise – The Lord Of The Rings.


After Your Wedding day/Honeymoon you’ll unfortunately begin to settle back into what is known as ‘normal life’. Sadly the average day in your ‘normal life’ requires you to fill in lots of paperwork, oh yes did mention your married that means even more paperwork! You’d be surprised how much paperwork is generated simply by getting married, you may have thought that the hard part was over….you were wrong. Whilst you were planning the wedding, endless hours were spent trying food, inspecting venues and re-fitting dresses. All that’s changed is that everything has been replaced by legal documents and appointments with officials. Alas all is not lost, fun can be found in any situation, let’s try and shift some of the wedding blues.


  • Save the Cake – Don’t let those yummy wedding cake memories end with the last bite. Instruct the catering staff to take off the top-tier at the end of the night and box it for transport. instruct one of your trusted friends to preserve the cake, who said house parties are no fun.
  • Keep Your Bouquet – This may sound a little creepy and yes if you love stuffed cats then keep reading. To keep your floral bouquet in all its glory you can either press and frame a selection of your flowers or use a vacuum-sealed shadow box to preserve them in their original form. Always seek the help of a professional to achieve the best quality result.
  • Preserve Your Gown – A gown fit for a princess deserves safe-keeping. In the not too distant future you may wish to pass it down to your daughter/future daughter or wear it to a bridal reunion! Your first step, is to have it professionally cleaned by someone who specializes in wedding gowns. Ask your seamstress or the store where you purchased your dress to recommend a cleaner as well as a skilled preservationists.
  • Say Thank You – While most couples dread handwriting 150 personalized notes the deed must be done. And sooner rather than later, for gifts received after the wedding the rule is you’re supposed send thank you cards out within a month after you return from your honeymoon, for gifts received before it’s within two weeks of their arrival. Realistically if you can get them all out by your two-month anniversary, both you and your guests will be happy.
  • Create an Album – The photos of your wedding day will live on forever, so you should definitely take the time to choose the ones you love. Sit down with your spouse and go through the photos. Figure out which ones you want to put into albums, which ones you want to have framed, etc. Make this a to-do list priority or we promise you, it will be two years and you’ll still be album-less!  Choosing images takes six hours on average, so don’t expect it to be a quick task but taking time to reflect with your fabulous photos is part of the pay-off for all the planning you did. Start by sorting out the top 20 or 30 that jump out at you as favourites and weeding out the bad pics (i.e: blinking guests).
  • Change Your Name – Facebook status changed: check! Now it’s time for those other official changes, like your last name. If you decide not to take your partners last name but to something completely unrelated then you may have to apply for a deed-poll. If however you plan on taking your spouses surname or making your own name double barrelled then all that required it to send a copy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate to the record holders. Apart from changing your name there is a whole host of other requirements to be met once your married, the process is very similar to moving house. Once you have completed the Legal requirements you can move on to something more exciting.
  • Sell Off Your Stuff – If you’re less sentimental and looking to recoup some of the money you spent consider selling your dress, accessories, or your decor for another bride to enjoy. You could use resources such as eBay, Amazon, Pre-loved, Free Index or even do something amazing and donate them to charity!
  • Plan Something New -Last but definitely not least start planning something new to look forward to. It will help ward off post-wedding blues and you’ll put those organizational skills acquired over the past year to good use. Plan a trip an exotic trip (this doesn’t have to be around the world, but bring the world with you), though a party as the new Mr & Mrs or even start planning for your next big milestone!


Eventually you will get through these early weeks. You will send out the thank you cards, get all of your hired helpers (photographers, caterers, etc.) paid and set up your home. You’ll figure out who is responsible for what. And then—before you know it—you’ll feel married.

And so concludes this chapter in the Wedding Planning series, stay tuned for more helpful hints and tips on all things wedding related.

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