Here at Robert Tate Photography, Robert has provided a means of helping couples plan their big day through his regular blog posts. The main aim of this blog is to help guide those who are bewildered by the prospect of tying the knot, or even just providing the reassurance that you’re on the right track. Join us every week for more helpful hints and tips. Keep on reading for in insight into the world of finding your perfect wedding dress. From all of us here, live for the moment!


The big question has been asked “will you marry me?”and hopefully you said yes otherwise there is no reason for you to continue reading. At this moment in time finding your dream wedding dress is your absolute priority. Out there is a whole world of fabulous gowns, from romantic swirly-skirted ballgowns to cute ’50s-style shorties, and sexy body-hugging fishtails to lavish lace numbers with a sprinkling of sparkle. Confusing? You bet it is!

Here’s the Deal

Your wedding dress will be photographed and documented more than any other article of clothing you own, so it’s important to choose a wedding gown you love! But when you first start shopping for wedding dresses, the seemingly limitless options can be overwhelming. Your dress can be one of the most expensive single purchases apart from the venue itself, so shop cautiously and choose wisely.

You’ve probably already amassed an impressive wish list for potential dream gown’s. However most bridal shops will only let you book an hour-long appointment. And, while one hour is plenty of time to try on dresses, if you can narrow down your options before stepping foot in the dressing room, you’re in for a much more pleasant, laid-back shopping experience.

By following the simple advice below, shopping for your wedding dress can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life!

  • The Nitty Gritty

    What time of the year will the wedding take place? Where will the reception be? This will stop you from falling in love with a dress that doesn’t fit your wedding.

  • You Snooze, You Lose

    The early bird gets the worm! In this case, the early bride gets an energetic, fresh bridal store staff that hasn’t dealt with the concerns of a million clients already.

  • Food For Thought

    The nipped-in waist bodice with a sweetheart neckline and multi-layered tulle skirt that you lusted after in your teens, or the figure-hugging fishtail that you always fancied yourself in may not actually be right for you. Finding the style that flatters your figure (and personality) should be your number one priority. First find your body shape the most common shapes are; apple, hourglass, athletic, inverted triangle and pear. Second to this find a dress style that complements your shape such as; ballgown, fishtail, empire, A-line and column.

  • Crop Top

    A long, gorgeous wedding dress with a fancy hem is to die for. Just remember that the top of your dress is what people will notice most, and what will show up in most wedding pictures.

  • Out With The Old, In With The New

    Trendy wedding dresses won’t necessarily stand the test of time. Flip through your parents’ wedding album for evidence of that. A gown should be timeless, When you feel sexy and glamorous in a gown that has both modern and traditional elements, and you feel like a better version of yourself when you’re wearing it, you’ve found your timeless gown. It’s something that will never go out of style.

  • Hash-tag Selfie

    Photograph your dress possibilities instead of putting all your trust in the mirror, this allows you to leave the wedding dress shop and reflect on the days events.  One potential hiccup: Some boutiques don’t allow dress photography. Call ahead to see if you can take a few snaps for decision-making purposes only.

  • Model For The Day

    Almost any dress can look gorgeous on a hanger (or it can look terrible), Once a dress is on a woman’s body, it takes on a different shape and look. Just as it takes time to find a husband or wife, it takes time to find the perfect gown.

  • Big Brother

    You may think that you need to bring every one of your female relatives, your neighbour and your school teacher with you to help with the dress search.  However this can lead to too many opinions, thoughts and coordination.It’s perfectly normal to go alone, not to mention stress-free.

  • Dress To Impress

    During a fitting you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your underwear. Admiring your pretty new bra between gowns will make you feel much more positive than catching a glimpse of the ratty old grey one you’ve had for years. Go to a department store that has a bra fit specialist, or a lingerie shop, and get fitted for a new bra. You are going to be wearing a gorgeous dress on your wedding day, so there’s no excuse for wearing the bra you’ve had since sixth form underneath.

  • Swamped

    Bridal gowns run two to three sizes larger than your regular size. Once you get your head around that, be realistic; pay attention to how it looks, not what the label reads. Remember all dresses need altering, so don’t be disheartened by a dress that almost falls of you.

  • Bill Please

    It’s a realistic reminder that you should stay serious in your search for your wedding dress and accessories. Impulse buying can be your worst enemy, spending £100+ on a fascinator that after careful consideration doesn’t match your dress costs you precious time and money.

  • Excuse me

    You should ask questions of the boutique owner and staff—but also of yourself. Always ask yourself a few questions to make sure the dress you love not only makes you feel spectacular but also works for the activities of the day. Make sure you answer the following: Do I feel beautiful, confident and comfortable? Can I dance in it? Can I sit down? Am I self-conscious about any part of my body in my dress? Although a gown may be gorgeous, if you can’t move in it all night and feel trapped, mummy-style, it’s not the right one for you.

Final Word

Finding that perfect wedding dress may take time, or it may be standing directly in-front of you. Each bride will have a different experience, some good and some bad. Always enjoy the moment and take any advice offered by the boutique staff, they are very knowledgeable and always willing to help a bride in need.

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