Wedding photographerHere at Robert Tate Photography, Robert has provided a means of helping couples plan their big day through his regular blog posts. The main aim of this blog is to help guide those who are bewildered by the prospect of tying the knot, or even just providing the reassurance that you’re on the right track. Join us every week for more helpful hints and tips. Keep on reading for helpful advice on capturing your perfect wedding shots. From all of us here, live for the moment!

Expert Advice For Perfect Wedding Shots

For most couples, there comes a time in their relationship when the topic of marriage crops up. For some, this may sound alarm bells and for others relight their creative spark. When the creative juices start flowing, ideas come left right and centre. Be aware this can also be the start of world war III, if you find yourself in a full blown row over what colour you would like the favours to be it may be time to consider marriage counselling. There is however one topic that both sides of the party tend to agree on, that is choosing the right wedding photographer. To a lot of couples this means “finding someone who can take emotional but beautiful shots, and provide us with long-lasting memories of a day that will, no doubt, go by very quickly” (Brian & Emma – married June 2014).

From engagement shoots to blogging, Robert Tate asked group of local wedding photographers to share their top tips for the perfect wedding day imagery…

What’s the best advice you’d give to any couple getting married?

”It’s an obvious one, but enjoy the day! Weddings can be stressful, but remember that the only important thing on the day is that you’re there to marry each other. A stressed or unhappy bride and groom is a recipe for disaster therefore make sure you allow plenty of time for the formal family and friends group images as well as portraits of you and your husband/wife. Often Images that are more creative take time to process, so it’s wise to consult with your photographer about how long this process takes. Also, it’s often nice to take some time out during the wedding to have intimate pictures of just you and your partner as newly weds, away from the hustle and bustle of it all. This gives you time to breathe and spend a bit of time together while settling yourselves before going back to all of your family and friends”.

What do you think about engagement photos?

“Most photographers promote their engagement shoots as a dry run for the wedding day, it should in fact be used to display the couples love for each other. Ask for an engagement/pre-wedding shoot if you want pictures of you both before you get married, its also great for a sign board. Remember the experience of having an engagement shoot is generally completely different to what you go through on the day.”

What’s the most important thing a couple should think about when choosing a wedding photographer?

“Never choose a photographer based solely on cost. Remember saving money on the catering can pay off and if it doesn’t you’ll only remember the taste of the food for next few weeks. A wedding album lasts a life time, therefore its not worth cutting corners. My two key points to use when choosing a wedding photographer are; Choose a photographer that has pictures in their portfolio that capture the way you would like to remember your wedding. such as capturing the romantic bond between the two of you or even recording the small details you have slaved over for months. Secondly always arrange to meet with any prospective photographer, some people don’t mesh well. Remember you will be spending the next 6-9 hours together! When budgets are tight it’s easy to look at the pound signs before the work/talent/ability itself. You should put aside at least 10% of your wedding budget for the photographer alone. Try to research photographers that tick the boxes visually and then narrow down to what fits your budget.”

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